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Photographer & Owner

Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited for you to see all of my work and read a little about me!


First off...I am living the dream and have YOU to thank for that! Starting my business has lead me to meet and hang out with SO many amazing people in my community and the surrounding areas. Whether it be my clients and new friends in front of my lens or collaborating with other businesses in my community I am always excited to see what my next day brings! Having clients that support my passion means the world to me.



Eight things to know about me:


1. I live in Watertown, Minnesota with my awesome husband, Dan. We both grew up here and just couldn't leave this special town. 


2. I am a mama to two sweet little boys, Derek and Hank! I spend my days busy with two little boys and I'm so thankful!


3. My favorite food is Ranch Dressing. I eat it on everything...fries, pizza, burgers, chicken, pork, veggies, sandwiches...YUM!


4. Country music is my jam! 


5. My favorite season is Fall! I adore the beautiful colors we get here in Minnesota!


6. Coffee is a must.


7. A fun day for me is hanging out with friends! We like to have coffee or go fishing!


8. Eight is my favorite number...also the reason for 8 things to know about me!


I can't wait to get to know YOU better!


-Shelby Jade Dressel


"Use Your Gifts To Serve One Another" 1 Peter 4:10

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